Former Whig-Clio President Cara Eckholm ’14 was named one of Glamour’s Top 10 College Women of 2013 and featured in a recent Glamour issue. Eckholm lead Whig-Clio from Spring 2011-Fall 2012 and presided over an administration that finished an impressive museum display in the basement of Whig Hall and successfully doubled the membership of the society.

Her Interview with Glamour is reproduced in italics below:

Cara Eckholm, 21
Princeton University, Princeton, N.J.; public and international affairs major

You don’t want to pick a fight with Cara Eckholm. A member of Princeton’s politics and debate club (and former president), she’s beaten hundreds of foes from around the world, on topics ranging from censorship to sustainable development. “I joined my high school debate team,” she says, “and I fell in love with increasing political engagement through discussion.” Beyond the podium, she’s coached teams of inner-city New Jersey high school students and sits on The Daily Princetonian’s editorial board.

Her goal: To land a Supreme Court seat. (Why not? She went to the same high school and college as Justice Elena Kagan.)

Her tip: “Take an adventure,” she says. “Sometimes you need a break from your norm to get perspective on what matters most.”


Eckholm (right) with current Whig-Clio President Matt Saunders (left) and Honoree Chen Guangcheng (center) at the        2013 James Madison Award

In an interview in March for a blog post on Women’s History in Whig-Clio, Eckholm was asked how she thought the position of women could improve in society and Whig-Clio alike, and she replied, “I think it will help a lot once the female leaders in Whig-Clio get old enough to do really important things, that will certainly change perceptions. Because right now our famous alumni are all male just probability wise.”

It looks like Eckholm is well on her way to following her own advice.