On the evening of Tuesday, November 19th, Whig-Clio hosted Pulitzer prize winning journalist Serge Schmemann for a lecture and question-and-answer session at Whig Hall. Schmemann is the current editor of the editorial page of the International New York Times (formally the International Herald Tribune), and has been a respected international journalist for over three decades. After his talk, Schmemann participated in a discussion with students and community members moderated by Professor and New York Times Editorial Board member Carol Giacomo.


  The International New York Times 



According to the Whig-Clio Programming schedule, Schmemann became “editorial page editor for the International Herald Tribune in May 2003. Since March 2001 Mr. Schmemann had been a senior foreign affairs writer based in New York and writer for the United Nations bureau covering regular news analyses, news articles and takeouts on major international issues.Previously Mr. Schmemann served as deputy foreign editor at The New York Times since August 1999 after having served as a reporter on the metropolitan desk since September 1998. Before that he served as Jerusalem bureau chief from July 1995 until September 1998 and as the Moscow bureau chief from March 1992 until February 1994, after having returned to Moscow as a correspondent in January 1991. Prior to that, he served as bureau chief in Bonn since May 1987 and as a foreign correspondent in Moscow from April 1981 until May 1987. Mr. Schmemann joined The Times as a metropolitan reporter in December 1980 after having worked for eight years with the Associated Press.”


Schmemann’s lecture, “The World, On It’s Own Terms,” focused on the position of the United States and its citizens in the eyes of the international community.He remarked upon the disparity between the often unfavorable view of America’s political actions abroad and the fascination that its widespread cultural influence and hope for individual opportunity inspires in many foreigners. He also expressed his belief that America is unable to abandon its position as a world leader – “The US cannot withdraw from the world,” Schmemann told students, “the world will keep coming back.”